The headquarter of Wow Gift Mart is located in Asia. With the help of the angel fund, we set up our factory with a dedicated made-to-order production line, processing hundreds of orders per day. All products will then be sent to our QA Center for double check and quality control before sending to post office for delivery.

We do believe that the made-to-order production line being located in Asia can help us save lots of labor cost and factory rental fees. That is why we can keep such low and competitive prices, with an average of 30% lower than those companies located in the United States and the United Kingdom. It makes no big difference in production and transit time at all. From the time we got our customer's order, the product can be produced, processed and sent to post office within 48 hours. It takes about 6-10 business days for physical transportation.

We are proud that Wow Gift Mart is a profitable company in the first year. Sales volume increased dramatically from the beginning of 2007.

Before launching the Wow Gift Mart shopping site, we were experienced eBay sellers with years of selling experience since May, 2003. We served over 30,000 unique eBay buyers (70% of buyers are from the United States), with over 60,000 items sold, and 99.3% of positive feedbacks received showing customers satisfaction with our products, transit time and customer services.

We have plans to gradually shift most of our sales from eBay to our own shopping site in order to keep our price competitive. It is also easier for us to manage the overall operations while the sales keep increasing. However, we may still keep a small number of items in eBay as a way to prove our quality standard. To understand how we perform in serving our customers, click here to take a look at our latest eBay Store: eTime Hunter.